Wednesday, 16 May 2012

'Do it like' Jessie J

Last week whilst doing the usual internet browsing i came across this dress on Asos which i absolutely loved, but being only 5ft5 i didn't think the style would suit me. . .

ASOS Bodycon Dress in Rocco Print £22 

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I think the print is absolutely lovely and bang on trend with the aztec type theme. However, because it is a midi length dress i have always though being shorter, styles like this should be left to those who are taller. 

 On browsing the site further i discovered that they do this dress in the 'Petite Range' which are specially designed to fit 5ft3 girlies where the patterns are altered to suit the shorter frame. 

 Because of this, and i have a friends birthday this weekend and nothing to wear, i decided to just order one and see what it looked like. I like everything about it i just thought it was a shame it was a midi length. 

  Today my parcel arrived, i unwrapped it and tried it on. Yes, i knew it! i LOVED the print and the fit but i was unsure about the length. I asked for more opinions on it from my family and they said i really suited it. And once i added my killer keels it instantly put my outfit in proportion and looked great. 

 It's a really flattering shape and fabric and shows your body off in the best way possible. I would definitely recommend giving something a go if you are unsure of length etc like me because with a bit heel lengthening it totally transforms the look. 

And at £22 it is a bargain in my eyes and can be worn for various things. Either casually or dressed up =] 

(as soon as i have a picture of me in it i will update the blog to show you it is always a good idea to buy it and try it on with heels as you can always return it if it is no good)

This is Jessie J wearing this EXACT dress on BBC1 The Voice UK

I think she looks stunning in this dress, and once i seen her rocking it on here i knew i had to give it a go because i'd seen it previously. I think it's great when 'celebrities' wear something anyone could get their hands on and none of this designer stuff all the time =] 


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