Sunday, 25 March 2012

Pretty Dresses - MOTEL

I've always been a fan of Motel dresses and i have got a few from previous collections. I like the dresses because they always have fresh, up to date prints and use bright, attractive colours. =] The dresses also flatter you figure and show off your shape.

 I was looking online the other day, and i came across the website for them, and i discovered their brand new collection and i must say i fell in love with the designs instantly. They are so bold and out there, but the pieces are amazing. They use the same print and create a few different pieces of clothing from dresses (variety of styles) , to shorts, jeans and tops, all very pretty and feminine and extremely eye catching.

Check out the website ...

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Below are some of the pieces i will be investing in for Summer...

Motel Zoe Bodycon Dress in Aztec Pastel Print £28

Motel Zoe Bodycon Dress in Silver Rainbow Stripe £28

Motel Rita Cut Out Back Playsuit in Tropical Butterfly Print £48

Also, some of the prints are a bit bright, and may only be abel to pulled off by certain people but they would look AMAZING for example; 

Motel Jordan Skinny Jean in Rainbow Fade Print £48

Motel Jordan Skinny Jean in Candy Pink Stripe £48 

Motel Zoe Bodycon Dress in Black & White Stripe £28

These are some great styles and colours, i'm not sure i would be able to pull them off, but they are very on trend! 

Make sure to check out their website for more styles etc i'm sure you won't be disappointed. =] 

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