Saturday, 12 May 2012

Chanel Eye-Make Up

 I haven't used a lot of Chanel make up but i have received a couple of items as gifts. I have two of the six illusion D'ombre de Chanel eye shadows.

 I have worn them quite a few times and i love how they feel on your eyes. They have a really light, silky texture to them. You can apply as many layers as you like depending on how dark and heavy you want the colour to be. They are very versatile and they create an amazing look.

  They come with a little compact applicator brush in the box which is very handy and it makes the application process very easy ( you can also use your finger if you want to apply more to certain areas of you eye lid).

They are £22.50 and you can get them from Debenhams =]

 I have the 'illusoire' and 'Emervielle' and i love the colours. It creates a great look, the illusoire creates a great smokey eyed effect and the Emervielle creates a lovely day or evening look. 

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