Monday, 2 April 2012

Nicki Minaj - Pink Friday Roman Reloaded ...

So, on Saturday there was an unexpected arrival at my door, when my new Nicki Minaj album happens to grace the carpet through the mail box. And i have never been more excited about a delivery. =D

I HAD to listen to it right away, it was an absolute must! And i have to say, i listened to it from the beginning to the end and i absolutely ADORED the whole album.

This one is different from the last and i think she has come back with a brand new style and flow. She of course still does her commonly known rapping verses in some of the songs, but the beats have a lot more dance feeling.

It's like she's took a whole new direction with the album, and i personally think it's worked fabulously. It definitely shows that she has grown as an artist since her last one. And it shows promise of many more amazing things to come =]

On this album she has collaborated with some major names including Chris Brown, Rick Ross, of course Lil Wayne and also Beenie Man, which is personally one of my favourite songs on the album.

It has a whole new vibe to it, compared to the last and the beats of the songs are so catchy you'll fall in love with them straight away. =] i haven't been able to stop listening to it since i got it. It is now my new workout album in the gym ha

 I recommend you get your copy ASAP as it shows a great musical, and diverse, raw talent!

All i can say is roll on June baby! ;)



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