Friday, 18 May 2012

Essie Comes To The UK

Essie nail polish has been one of America's top Nail Salon polishes since 1981. It has been available online for a while from sites such as but it has now launched in Boots and Superdrug stores! Making it even easier to go down and grab which ever colour takes your fancy.

  They have an amazing range of colours to choose from and although i am yet to try them for myself, my sister bought a mint green coloured one and it looks FABULOUS on!

  The colours range from greens, blues to pinks and reds and a whole heap more! - In Superdrug they cost around £7.99 and they are currently on a promotion for 3 for 2 (so get down now to take advantage of the offers)

Although they seem a little pricey for a nail polish, the colours are superb and the bottle will last quite a while. =]

Just a look at the bright and vibrant colours on offer from Essie

 If you have tried them then please let me know what you think about them and feel free to leave a comment. I am definitely going to invest in a few for myself to try the colours are just too pretty. 


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