Monday, 21 May 2012

Christian Louboutin Crazy

  I absolutely adore Christian Louboutin shoes. I am yet to own a pair, but they are on my wish lish 10000%! Louboutin shoes are famously known for their red sole bottoms and their sexy style and appearance. They are loved by all and ladies of the celebrity world ADORE them and you can always spot them at events.

  They are also known for their sky scraping height which lengthens anyones legs and makes them fabulous. They have recently just launched their new collection and it is a little different from the normal designs they use.

  The new collection features chunky block heels as well as their traditional thin heels. (this will surely make them a bit more comfortable to walk in). There are also a lot of prints and colours injected to them and the designs are even more out of this world.

  Louboutin shoes will never get old or grow out of fashion as there is such a huge following of them. They are pricey shoes but they are definitely worth the investment.

  They have also released a 20th Anniversary range which is very out there, colourful and as usual super sexy and glamourous.

 Here are some of the new collection...

Loubi Zeppa 140 Appliqued Silk Crepe Wedges £625 ( )

These are absolutely fabulous, with a 5.5" wedge and a 2" platform these little beauties should sort of be a breeze to walk in. They are beautifully designed with the appliqued letters around the shoe, a cross over fastening to keep them in place on your feet and of course the killer red soles! 

20th Anniversary Isolde 160 Patent Leather Sandals £2.395 ( )

These are amazingly beautiful! And as part of the 20th Anniversary collection you can see why. With  a 6.5" heel and a 2.5" platform you can see that you will need to be a pro to walk in these. The detail is fabulous, with the studded details it gives them a fierce, sexy appearance! I would LOVE to invest in these! ( i need to win the lottery first though! ha ) But a girl can dream can't she? ...

Louis Woman Swarovski Crystal Leather High Top Sneakers £1.395 ( )

These are just too much! I adore them! Who says your feet can't sparkle and be killer in flats? Trainers have never been so god damn sexy! These look like they would be heaven on your feet and definitely be the statement piece to an outfit. 

Summerissima 140 Python & Leather Sandals £735 ( )

The colours of these are gorgeous, from the tan to the black and white and of course the signature red bottom soles. They have a 5.5" heel and a 1.5" platform and are perfection! They are of course very summery and would also be the statement piece to any outfit! Check out the chunky heel style too! 

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