Friday, 13 April 2012

Clinique Products That Are A MUST Buy =]

For a while now i've used Clinique products and because i have sensitive skin i was at first a bit weary about trying out the products as i have always used Simple products prior to this. But i fancied a change and was recommended this particular brand and i have to say i love their stuff.

 As well as sensitive skin, i also suffer from quite oily skin especially around the T-zone area and so i have looked high and low for products which would help control this. The products i have found actually work surprisingly good and it reduces the appearance of shine and oil on your skin.

  Although the products may be a bit pricier than others available out there, they are worth every penny and do last a surprisingly long time ( so you definitely get your moneys worth ).

  If you were to go to a Clinique counter it is advisable to speak to someone that works on it as it is their job to point you in the right direction of the products which would best suit your skin type. They may ask a few questions about your usual daily routine and what products you have used in the past to get a better idea of what would suit you best. They are very helpful and will give you great advice.

 Clinique suggest an easy 3 step skin care guide to use daily. ( they suggest the best one to suit your skin type ) The first step is to wash your face with either a liquid or bar of facial soap to remove any dirt. The next step is to use a clarifying lotion and the last step is to use a moisturiser. =]

 As i said i suffer from oily skin ( especially around the T- zone area ) and so i was told of these products to help me.

Step 1 - Liquid Facial Soap  for all Skin Types £14 ( ) 

Step 2 - Clarifying Lotion 3 for Oily Skin £15 - £24 ( )

Step 3 - Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel for Oily Skin £16.50 - £29 ( )

The above products all help with oily skin and i have used these products for a while and i can definitely see a difference in the shine on my face. Because of the extra oil in my skin, it is suggested that i use the moisturising gel and not the lotion as the lotion would only add more to the skin and pores, where as the gel helps reduce it. 

  I have also recently been introduced to this little product. . . 

Pore Refining Solution - Instant Perfector £18 ( )

This product helps to reduce the size of pores and lasts up to 8 hours reducing humidity and sweat to the face. I use it just on the nose area where it gets shiny and has excess oil and i have noticed that it does reduce the shine and feels great and soft on your skin. 

I would definitely recommend the above products and more as i have found they do work on my sensitive skin and i have had no complaints about the products. =] 

I am looking forward to trying out new products in the future. 


  1. Loveeee Clinique!

    I use all those products too, except the lotion, it somehow makes me break out :(



  2. Yeah the lotion has stuff that blocks up pores more than the gel! =] but i swear by all their products!


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  4. aw thank you , appreciated =]


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  6. Aw thank you =] very kind of you!

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